daria (punkroker66) wrote,


my birthday was a lot of fun. i only got to see my husband for a few minutes, but they were a wonderful few minutes. devin and i went to dicks and after that we went to the hotel room and drank a few beers then we met some guys from romania and we tried to talk to them but it was hard to understand. then we went back to our room and were taking pictures and she busted her ass on the headboard doing flips on the bed. then we went to sleep and woke up and checked out, then we went downtown to the alamo, ripleys(made a badass wax hand, thanks dev) and the river center mall thing. i bought myself a badass belt buckle. after that we went to see my baby, he gave me a card and i gave him his box of stuff, he kissed me goodbye and went to do his air force stuff. then we dove home, but took the longest route possible and stopped to take a lot of pictures. so finally we got home and i went to aymee's and she gave me a bunch of presents. and now im at home and my mom told me happy birthday, so im going to go to sleep.
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