daria (punkroker66) wrote,

only 5 more days until i get to see dave!!! ill be going to san antonio and picking him up to come back here so we can hang out and so he can see his friends. i have missed him so much. the rest of his training is going to suck. all ive been doing is working and going to class. and hanging out with devin and the people from work a lot. so far i have gone to grahams a lot, i like going there, but i dont really like to dance all the time. most of the time i like to sit in the kareoke bar and make fun of the people that cant sing, hillary and matt understand. matt is fun to hang out with, he has done a lot of things in his life. last night he was telling me about eating fire and was trying to show me how to blow fire, but my lighter sucks. and then i was trying to save him from these girls, they were whores. we look out for eachother. he wants to come with me to san antonio to meet dave, and to go out to all the bars. yay i cant wait until i get to see my baby. alright well i have to clean because my grandparents are comming into town tomorrow. grrrr
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