daria (punkroker66) wrote,

Aymee left me flowers and a letter on my car the other day and i read it and was thinking about giving her a second chance cause she sounds really lonely, but then she calls joseph and starts feeding him her bullshit, its like she cant just say that she did something wrong she always has to justify her actions. if she really wanted me as a friend she wouldnt call my friends and tell them what she was thinking, it just makes me feel like shes not sincere in what she tells me cause she goes around trying to convince them she wasnt wrong. if she really wanted to be my friend she wouldnt do that. show me you can be a big person and admit you were wrong, not just to me. thats all i have to say on that

on a lighter but sadder note, joseph left again...but hell be back for christmas. hes supposed to call me when he gets to cali but i forgot my phone at work. im such a retard, i only forget things when i need them. so dont call me, cause i wont be able to answer.

Raoul, if you read this call me tomorrow around 2
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