daria (punkroker66) wrote,

I love joseph, he always knows what to say when i have a bad day. i dont know what im going to do when he leaves again. im going to be calling him every day just so he can cheer me up.

im going to test for verizon tomorrow and i may be getting a new job...a less stressful one. i will miss all the people there but i cant stand it anymore. as soon as i tell bill im leaving he is going to offer me a promotion but i am not going to listen because he has caused so much emotional and physical stress that is just not worth it, and plus ill be making at least 8 bucks to start out with and ive been working there for 9 months and im barely making 6...seriously who would pass that up. and ill be sitting on my ass all day talking to people instead of taking orders from dumbasses. oh and another plus...verizon has full benifits, and pays for college.
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