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tonight was crazy. granny's house is fun. i saw a straightedge kid drunk and i got him some water and crackers. thats what i do i take care of people, i have fun doing it...except when people that do stupid things show up, then i dont have as much fun cause i worry about my friend's safety. BUT...i got to hang out with Raoul Ross Martin #2 he makes me smile and laugh.

i miss steve...but its like he never left cause i get text msgs all the time. but now i dont have anyone to go to grahams and sing with. ive made up my mind about going to hawaii to visit him, not only because i miss him but i miss hawaii...i spent so much of my life there and now im stuck in san angelo where all we have is lakes, and not very good ones.

well im going to go to bed, cause i have to work in the morning
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