daria (punkroker66) wrote,

alright so my weekend started on thursday and isnt going to end until tomorrow...
thursday - i went over to kim and chris's appartment and hung out there with chris and his friend holden. we had fun.

friday i went over to granny's house for his halloween party. that was a shitload of fun.

saturday i went with steve to grahams. we met the marine guys from the navy ball that were hitting on me. they were miller refs. it was the funniest thing i have ever seen. they looked hot too. awww and they told me i looked gorgeous:) it made me smile. i was the best looking marilyn monroe there. one looked like a man and the other was fat.

sunday i went to sam's bday party and had a few beers with his dad, i like his dad. i was a sexy mobster for that party.

monday- i havent experienced this day yet, but it has to be fun because i get to wear my costume for work!!! everyone come and see me
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